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Prosthodontics in New Westminster

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty concerned with the restoration of full oral function, most often through artificial replacements for the teeth or restorations of the teeth. A prosthodontist may consult on or be involved in treatment in cases of injury or disease that has caused damage to the teeth or tooth loss, or which requires the extraction and replacement of teeth. Finally, a prosthodontist may be involved in more extensive replacements of the jaw and various parts of the face.

Tooth Restoration Options

Thanks to modern technology, there are many options for restoring and/or replacing teeth. These may include dental crowns, inlays and onlays, bridges, dentures, or dental implants. Your best options will depend on your goals, whether they be restorative, cosmetic, or another outcome. Oral cancer reconstruction or facial reconstructions may also be performed by prosthodontists.

Finding the Right Fit

Depending on your situation, a prosthodontist will walk you through the options that will be most effective for you. Different solutions may vary in terms of cost, invasiveness, materials, strength, longevity, and comfort. A prosthodontist will be able to explain each option to you from start to finish so you can make the final decision that’s right for you.

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