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Dental Bridges in New Westminster

A dental bridge is a restorative option that allows our dental team to replace a missing tooth or teeth with a simple pontic (artificial tooth). Patients often choose bridges when they are seeking an affordable and straightforward solution for partial tooth loss. If you have missing teeth, talk to our dental team about your options for dental bridges.

How Dental Bridges Work

A dental bridge is custom designed in collaboration between your dental team and a dental laboratory. Much like a bridge we see to carry people or cars over water, a dental bridge is anchored to two stabilized points in the mouth. In a dental bridge, pontic (false tooth) is held in place by securing it to teeth or dental implants on either side of the missing tooth or teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are several types of dental bridges that can be created for your restoration, depending on your level of tooth loss and your current and future needs. Traditional bridges are secured to natural teeth on either side of the gap with dental crowns that fit over the natural teeth. Maryland bridges are similar, but they are secured using metal or porcelain bonded to the back of the natural teeth on either side of the gap. Cantilever bridges are secured to just one tooth alongside the gap. And finally, implant-supported bridges are secured by a dental implant on one or more sides of the gap.

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