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Dental Hygiene Appointments in New Westminster

Regular dental hygiene appointments are one of the best ways we can help you practice preventative care for your teeth. Our professional dental hygienists at Columbia Square Dental work quickly and thoroughly to make sure your teeth and gums get a deep clean. You’ll walk out with a brighter, fresher smile and the confidence that your oral health is on track.

Taking Care of Your Teeth & Health

Your oral health can directly impact your overall health, which is another great reason to stay up to date on your dental hygiene appointments. Although regular at-home care can help keep your teeth clean, our experience and tools allow us to clean your teeth and gums more thoroughly. Whether it’s been a short time since we last saw you, or you can’t remember your last appointment with a dental hygienist, we highly encourage you to book your next appointment today!

Professional Dental Hygienists in New Westminster

Our dental hygienists will begin by reviewing your oral health history and asking you questions about any changes you have noticed. Depending on your specific needs, your dental hygienist may perform a few treatments, including cleaning, scaling, polishing, and flossing your teeth, and applying fluoride. They will also note any changes or concerns to your dentist so they can be examined and noted.

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