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Clear Aligner Therapy in New Westminster

Many patients who want to straighten their smile look to clear aligner therapy as a preferred alternative to traditional orthodontics. Clear aligners make updating your smile over time easy and comfortable. Our dental team is experienced in creating treatment plans with clear aligners. If you’ve been waiting to update your smile because you aren’t sure about wires and brackets, ask us about clear aligner therapy today!

How Clear Aligners Work

Clear aligner therapy works to move your teeth slowly into more desirable positions using thin, clear trays that fit over your teeth on the top and/or bottom of your arches. Each tray is one in a sequence, with each new set of trays moving individual teeth slightly over time. Your trays will be fully customized to your teeth, and you’ll typically wear them for a couple of weeks before switching them out with new ones. The timeline of the treatment depends on the level of change that is required to achieve the desired outcomes.

Who is a Candidate for Clear Aligner Therapy?

Many people are eligible for clear aligner therapy, including teens and adults. Your dental team at Columbia Square Dental will need to determine a few factors to ensure that it’s a good fit for your goals and needs. This will start with a scan of your teeth using a tool called the iTero scanner, which takes images of your teeth and then constructs them into a 3D image. From there, we can map out a treatment plan to see if clear aligners are a good fit for your orthodontic needs.

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