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Traditional Orthodontics in New Westminster

Technology has made modern braces far sleeker and more discrete than they were even ten years ago. Although they still use the same wire and bracket system to slowly move the teeth into corrected positions, braces are typically easier to clean, adjust, and manage. Our dental team can provide a treatment plan that outlines the length of time of the treatment, as well as the type of braces that will be most effective.

When Braces Are Needed

Braces can be used to correct a range of issues in the mouth related to the position of structures, including the teeth and jaw. Most commonly, braces are used to correct overcrowded teeth, aligning them so that the teeth are arranged side-by-side. Braces can correct the look, feel, and function of a smile. Although we often identify the need for braces when a patient is in the pre-teen or teen years, we can also provide orthodontic treatment at much later ages when it has not been completed.

Orthodontics for Your Whole Family

Columbia Square Dental is pleased to offer orthodontic treatments to patients of every age and stage in life. If you have been putting off braces or orthodontic treatments, or if you believe your children may need braces, reach out to our dentists to learn more about the process, costs, and outcomes. We can’t wait to help you achieve a straighter, healthier smile!

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